Gas Power UK closes after 16 years

After 16 wonderful years and thousands of happy customers, we have taken the decision to stop trading.
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Harold Bate


The normal mixer (on the right) which is an inverted gas cooker ring, a hole in the centre for the air to pass through surrounded by small inlet holes that deliver the gas. This was used by most of the early Autogas companies to deliver the gas to the engine. Harold Bate on the other hand when using his bio-methane plant preferred to use the simple pop eye pipe system to deliver the gas (see below), this is a copper tube that is inserted into the air flow of the carburettor and cut off at a 45 degree angle to achieve a draw. As years went on a flap device was added to achieve maximum delivery of fuel when on the move.

Adapt, Modify and Overcome

As an engineer Harold Bate would take ordinary equipment and modified them to achieve the results he required. One such item was the reducer / regulator he used, this was a converted Calor gas regulator others were hot water heaters and septic tanks.His ethos of adapt modify and overcome, is the mantra that Gas Power UK Ltd have taken up, all of this becomes crystal clear when you see his Bio Methane plants (now known as bio-methane digesters). These drawings are have a patent on them so they can only be used as reference.

Further Information:

for further information contact:
Harold Bate, Penny Rowden, Blackewton, Totness, Devon, TQ9 7DN
These Digester Plants would not meet health and safety regulations, nor constructions and use regulations of today, but they do open your eye, to the incredibly talented mind, of Harold bate.

Basic Bio-Methane Digester

image Click the image to the left for an enlarged view.

Hot Water Biomethane Digester

image Click the image to the left for an enlarged view.

A 1963 Car LPG Conversion

image Click the image to the left for an enlarged view.

Farm Bio-Methane Digester

Farm Bio-Methane Digester Click the image to the left for an enlarged view.

Cylinder Compressor Bio-Methane Digester

Cylinder Compresser Bio-Methane Digester Click the image to the left for an enlarged view.

Normal Mixer
The Normal
The Pop Eye Pipe
Pop Eye
Flapped Mixer
Converted Calor Gas Regulator
Calor gas regulator

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