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The average cost of a litre of Petrol in Devon is £1.339p 
The average cost of a litre of Diesel in Devon is £1.419p 
The average cost of a litre of LPG in Devon is £0.73p
prices as per 30/01/2014

The distance travelled per litre of LPG is approximately 5% to 25% less than for petrol, this is dependant on three things, on the installer, and the equipment the installer is using, as well as LPG's lower volumetric energy density, but due to the much lower cost per litre, significant savings can be still achieved even compared with the latest diesels: 
  • Thousands of petrol stations throughout the UK now supply
  • LPG and converted vehicles can run on both LPG and Petrol.
  • LPG is cleaner for the environment with up to 70% less harmful emissions.
  • There is little to no reduction in power compared to petrol.
  • The cleaner burning LPG, is better for your engine.
  • Converted cars can run on LPG and Petrol - increased range between stops.
  • Improved saleability especially for large cars and 4x4s
  • Normally, there should be no change in premiums on your motor insurance policy if the conversion was completed by a UKLPG approved installer.
  • No-one can siphon your LPG tank. 

LPG Autogas Conversions are supported by the UK Government as well as the major Oil companies - BP, Shell and Calor.  Conversion charges start at just £1350 including VAT.  Our staff are Competent, Qualified, their work is regularly inspected, and approved by the UKLPG. You can check to see if an installer is competent and qualified by the new UKLPG website at   UKLPG was created by the amalgamation of the LP Gas Association (LPGA) and the Association for Liquid Gas & Equipment Distributors (ALGED). We believe, like the UKLPG and Devon Trading Standards, that the quality of our conversions is important to you. Everyone knows you can easily make a bad conversion using the best equipment, so when people work to a budget price, speed will be the first casualty, quality the next and then finally your safety.

That's why we would suggest that you visit and inspect the work of at least two conversion companies before you place your order.

The Government is backing LPG for the next 10 year

Chancellor George Osborne has today answered autogas industry calls to set out a clear 10-year roadmap for LPG as a road fuel.
Mr Osborne’s introduction of a robust, decade-long trajectory for environmentally-friendly LPG will give UK’s businesses and private motorists the confidence to embrace LPG in the knowledge that government will continue to support the fuel.
However, in his Commons address this afternoon, Mr Osborne also announced a far greater level of financial support for less commonly used fuels liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG).
While LPG will remain a cheaper fuel than petrol and diesel, major supplier Autogas Limited warns that a lack of consistency in government support for gaseous road fuels risks further isolating car manufacturers who overlook the UK as a market for factory LPG models currently on sale in mainland Europe.
Commenting on the chancellor’s statement, Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas Limited, says: “It’s not clear why LNG and CNG are being treated differently from LPG. All three have similar positive environmental credentials but LPG is the only one to offer a reliable nationwide supply infrastructure, used daily by thousands of drivers.
“By offering less substantial support to LPG, the government is jeopardising ongoing industry investment and greatly reducing the likelihood of any manufacturer reintroducing eco-friendly LPG models to the UK market.
“We would urge the government to increase its support for LPG to match that of other green road fuel gases such as LNG and CNG, which will do a great deal more to help the conscientious private motorist. Positive government backing is vital to encouraging more drivers to discover the benefits of adopting LPG, and we call on ministers to develop a package of measures to support its widespread uptake.”

Gas Savings Calculator

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Note: The figures calculated above are intended to give an indication of costs not exact actual costs. Gas Power UK Ltd can not guarantee specific mileage per litre.  Mileage is dependant on a large number of variables such as the driving style of the owner / tyre pressures / urban or motorway driving / short or long journeys / engine condition / wind & weather / air filter quality /oil viscosity / Air conditioning being used / towing / weight or load in vehicle / mechanical fans / roof racks etc.

UKLPG Approved Installers

UKLPG Approved Installers Gas Power UK Ltd has achieved the standard required by the UKLPG to provide installations that your insurance company and you can have complete confidence in.

Diesel / LPG Bi-Fuel

Find out how large haulage companies are taking advantage of the increase in power and cleaner burning fuel to save money and the environment .

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